The department operates five engines, one ladder, one service truck, and two first responder/rescue vehicles from three stations.  Here's a brief description of our apparatus and a photo of each. 

Engines 33, 35, and 37 carry large diameter hose.  Engine 32 still carries 3" on the hose bed for laying lines in to industrial areas.

Engine 33 is a 2005 E-One Typhoon with a 1000 gallon booster tank and 1250 GPM pump.  Ladders are carried on a hydraulic rack.  This is department's third engine to numbered Engine 33.  The previous engine was destroyed by chlorine in the January 2005 train accident.

Engine 35 replaced our original 35 which also was destroyed in the railroad accident.  The newest engine in our fleet is a 2005 KME custom pumper with a 1000 gallon tank, 1500 GPM pump, and PTO-driven generator.

Ladder 3 is a 2001 KME 75' ladder with a 2000 GPM pump.

Truck 34 is a 2005 Ford with booster tank, pump, and generator.  It also carries extrication and medical equipment, SCBA, and salvage equipment.  This vehicle is used primarily for medical calls, extrication, and brush fires.


Engine 37 was to the fleet in 2001 at a cost of $215,000.  It is a 2001 model Central States custom pumper on an HME chassis.  Engine 37 has a 1500 GPM pump, 1000 gallon booster tank, and 10 man cab.  Ladders and pike poles are mounted inside from the rear of the truck.


Engine 32 is a  KME pumper built on a Navistar commercial extended cab chassis. 32 has a 1250 GPM pump, 1000 gallon booster tank, five man cab, generator, pre-piped deck gun, a foam system pre-piped to a bumper-mounted pre-connect, and plenty of other features. Total cost, without hose, nozzles, and SCBAs, was approximately $170,000.   

Engine 31 was the first piece of apparatus purchased by the department and is still in service. It may not be the most modern looking fire machine around, but still runs and pumps great. If fact, the PTO driven pump comes in handy on brush fires since the truck can pump while moving. 31 has a 750 GPM pump and a 500 gallon booster tank.